Red letter day at D.J. Alexander

The image, of a Georgian town house exuding a sense of solidity, sanctuary and warmth, has become familiar to many of the thousands of people who annually seek executive rented accommodation in Edinburgh.

But now D.J. Alexander is closing the door on the house, which has been the residential letting firm’s trademark for more than a quarter of a century. It is being replaced by a simplified logo with the company title in a white sans serif font placed on a medium-to-dark red background, along with the words, “Extraordinary services exactly when you need it”. This will be used on all future signage, brochures, letterheads and on the company website.

The new branding is the brainchild of R Fletcher & Partners, whose chief executive, Robert Fletcher, recently moved his business from New York to Edinburgh and has significant experience of marketing and branding both in Britain and overseas. The design was produced by Graphic Partners of Edinburgh.

Mr Fletcher said: “Clean, simple, professional. That is what we are reflecting in this new brand look. These are values in the property business that are relevant anywhere in the world"

David Alexander, proprietor, D.J. Alexander, said: “The Georgian house became something of a trademark for D.J. Alexander and served us well for many years. However, the company has moved to a new level of development, having recently opened an office in Dubai and being on target to open our London office in January. Therefore we wanted a new form of branding that would reflect both the company’s growth beyond its core area and our determination to continue supplying a modern, quality service to clients in Edinburgh and Glasgow.”

The branding will be officially launched at a reception being held by the firm on 15 November.