Lettings off to a T in The Park

After many years as an office district, The Park area of Glasgow is increasingly reverting to its original role as an exclusive residential location

And evidence of just how much in demand from the executive sector The Park has become is indicated by the rental agency, the Bath Street-based, Alexanders-West, which has completed the letting of 20 new one-, two- and three-bedroom luxury flats on Park Terrace in a record time of just three weeks.

The scheme was created from the redevelopment of three adjacent former office blocks and all the properties were finished and equipped to a high standard.

Rental charges of up to £1,700 have proved not to be a deterrent to eager tenants, said David Alexander, head of the parent company, D.J. Alexander. “The demand for rented accommodation in Glasgow city centre from professional people is unbelievable at the moment,” he continued.

He indicated several reasons why The Park was so popular: quality of the properties, proximity to the city centre without all the associated late night noise, and good access to the motorway and public transport facilities (e.g. Charing Cross station).

When construction of The Park began in the mid-19th century, the west end of Sauchiehall Street was semi-rural, making the district one of Glasgow’s first purpose-built suburbs. With its commanding position on Woodlands Hill – and resultant clean air – the families of wealthy merchants flocked there in droves.

After World War One the transformation of many of the grand houses to offices began and The Park eventually became a commercial location for much of the remainder of the 20th century. Then, towards the end of that century, “city living” struck a chord with members of Glasgow’s business class, leading to many of the offices being restored to residential use.

Mr Alexander added: “Just like the 19th and early 20th century merchants, The Park presses all the right buttons for today’s Glasgow-based executives.”

The company behind the project is Edinburgh-based Heritors. It is currently developing a scheme of 70 flats in traditional buildings in Dowanhill, the first of which should be available by January, 2008.

Glasgow Evening Times