DJs head to parliament and celebrate their collaborative work with Shelter Scotland

DJs head to parliament and celebrate their collaborative work with Shelter Scotland

This week, Rob Trotter (Associate Director) and David Gibb (Head of Accounts) attended an event at the Scottish Parliament which marked the 50th anniversary of Shelter Scotland. The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP was also in attendence, who paid tribute to the support and advice provided by the charity over the years. 

Back in June 2017, D.J. Alexander joined Shelter Scotland’s Letting Agent Plus pilot project which aims to offer advice and support to tenants when they need it and to encourage inclusion for tenants on low incomes or who are in receipt of benefits.

The project is also designed to offer a collaborative approach with external agencies, allowing us to signpost tenants who are experiencing difficulties, to the appropriate agency for assistance.

Ultimately, the key aim of the scheme is to avoid ending tenancies which has a significant impact on the tenant and their families. The program also allows us to offer advice to the landlord regarding any expected delays with rent payments and avoid any unnecessary legal costs in bringing the tenancy to an end.

DJ Alexanders were delighted to be invited to the event to celebrate the the success of this project.

Since joining the scheme, we have had a number of success stories, where we have helped tenants who were initially unsure if they could tell us their situation, however following the referral process through the scheme, and receiving one-to-one help and support with the correct agency, they have all now got their tenancies back on track and in 80% of the cases have brought their rent accounts fully up to date.

The scheme has also been beneficial for our staff helping them to better understand the ongoing complexities of the benefit system and the issues tenants face accessing the right support.