What to do if you have a loss of heating in your property?

What to do if you have a loss of heating in your property?

In order to help our tenants during these winter months, we are providing a series of useful information and tips to solve the common problems that occur in a property.

  • If there is an error code on your boiler, you can Google the code along with the boiler make/model and this can sometimes allow you to self-diagnose the issue and come up with a way of resolving the issue without a call out.

  • Does your boiler pressure need to be topped up? The video below will give you an understanding of how you can do this - " target="_blank">

  • Resetting your boiler - Each boiler is different, but if there is a reset button on your boiler then press it. This can sometimes be enough to get the boiler working again.

  • Turn your boiler off then back on- Similar to a reset this can restart a boiler and get it working again.

  • If you have a room thermostat then please check this is turned on. Further to this please ensure it is turned up to the appropriate level. It would also be advisable to check to see if new batteries are required.

  • If you have a prepayment meter check you have not run out of credit or if there is a fault with the meter then this must be reported to your gas supplier.

  • Is a specific radiator not working? Your radiator may need to be bled and if you are able to do this then you can by following instructions from the short video link below. If you feel like you need help with this then please contact us within business hours. ">

If you are still experiencing issues after trying to above tips, then get in touch with our maintenance team who will be able to support further.