What to do if your power goes out

What to do if your power goes out

If your electricity goes out, then the following tips could help you get the power back on:

  • If you have a prepayment meter check you have not run out of credit or if there is a fault with the meter then this must be reported to your electrical supplier.

  • Check with your neighbours and the street lights, if they are impacted then it could be a localised power cut.

  • You can check for power cuts in your area by calling your electrical distributor on 105.

  • If it is not a local power cut then the issue will be with your property. Check your fuse board first has anything tripped? If so then try and turn your switches back on.

  • Were you using an appliance when the power went out? Washing machines are the usual suspects. Turn any potentially faulty appliance off and try and turn the electricity back on at the fuse board.  

  • If you are unable to find the faulty appliance easily then turn off all of your appliances at the plug socket. Turn your electricity back on. Does the electricity stay on? If so then this will point to a faulty appliance. Start turning your appliances on one at a time. If one trips the electrics again then isolate this appliance. If this is an appliance that comes with the property, please report it to us.

If you are still experiencing issues after trying to above tips, then get in touch with our maintenance team who will be able to support further.