Is there a leak in your property?

Is there a leak in your property?

Leak in property

  • If there is a leak within your property, try and turn your water off at the mains.
  • Try and capture any water you can using a bucket and towels. This will help to minimise further damage to the property.

  • If the leak is coming from above, please contact your neighbour first. If the neighbour is not in the property, leave a note with your details and ask them to contact you. No plumber will be able to access the source of the leak until the person above grants access.

  • If you are unable to make contact with your neighbour and the leak is significant, making your property unsafe then you can call the fire brigade on 999. They will give you advice.

Where the source of the leak is coming from your property and you need help and support then please contact us both in business hours and out with. 

If your property has been leaked into, and there is damage to your property, then please contact us on the next business day.