Apropos reaches business partners target two months ahead of launch

Apropos reaches business partners target two months ahead of launch

Innovative property digital platform, apropos, which has been created by the long-established firm D.J. Alexander Ltd, has reached its target of 25 signed up business partners two months before its launch in January 2020. The firm now covers 70% of greater London along with 45% of the rest of the UK including Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Newcastle, Coventry and many other cities and towns.

Additional partners are in the process of being signed up and the firm is confident it will hit the ground running when it launches in the New Year. The firm currently employs 170 staff in its Edinburgh offices with an additional 30 employed directly in developing the apropos platform.

The apropos platform has been designed to revolutionise the lettings industry by establishing new standards of transparency, fairness, and convenience for the benefit of both landlords and tenants. The platform utilises cutting edge technology combined with a network of committed, local property experts providing the face-to-face client connections.

David Alexander, joint managing director of apropos by D.J. Alexander Ltd, explained: “We are delighted to have attracted so many top-quality business partners across the UK who have been attracted to our service, our means of delivery and our approach to property management. We’re not charging a joining or monthly fee which highlights our commitment to our partners, and we are supporting them as they develop and grow their business.”

“In all parts of the UK, but particularly in London, we have found our service and our property platform have been integral in attracting top quality agents to work with us. Once agents hear what we have to offer and the way in which we intend to deliver our service they want to be a part of the business.”

David continued: “Our partners need to feel directly involved, to be a part of the business and to understand that they will directly benefit when the business grows. We want them to know that it is as much in their interests to expand the business as it is in ours. As part of this, a further benefit that distinguishes apropos from its rivals is that our business partners have the opportunity to build up a monthly recurring income and, more importantly, build up a residual value for themselves for the future.”

David concluded: “We believe that the apropos platform will be the place where the best landlords want their properties listed. The apropos platform is striving to be an industry standard and I believe we will have achieved this by our January launch date. We want our partners, our landlords and our tenants to believe in what we do and ensure that we have the best platform combined with fantastic locally based service for all involved to create a property management firm that changes the way in which letting is delivered. We are well on the way to doing this and we are looking forward to a fantastic 2020.”