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DJ Alexander Legal Services is headed up by David Court, who has been a practicing solicitor for over 30 years.


Qualifying as a solicitor in 1979, David is now a Notary Public with a wealth of experience in Conveyancing and legal advice. Now David is partner of DJ Alexander Legal and also sits as a Judge on tribunals by appointment of the UK Ministry of Justice. He has a large private client portfolio so his knowledge is by no means limited to residential matters. His wide experience equips him to recognise quickly where there is a problem and to know how to best approach it.


At DJ Alexander Legal’s we act as the solicitor for sales clients and are based in the same office as the sales team located at 1 Wemyss Place. Our task is to ensure that our clients’ Conveyancing goes as smoothly as possible. From our years of experience, we know the hitches to look out for from alterations to buildings to oddly shaped gardens. When issues over building warrants or shared responsibilities in tenements appear at missive stage there can be unwanted complications. Our approach is to ask clients to be up front about any anomalies so that we can plan in advance, define any risks and iron them out.


We can offer DJ Alexander clients a range of legal services covering:

  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Full private client service


To speak to a member of our legal team by calling 0131 652 7313.

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