Ask Us: Why it’s best to get ‘market ready’ before the New Year

19th Dec 2022
David J Alexander

Ask Us: Why it’s best to get ‘market ready’ before the New Year.

Are you looking to move by spring?

The traditional advice is that from spring to early summer is the best time for buying and selling property. As the weather improves, houses and gardens look their best and people are more prepared to go out to viewings. 

Many people will put any moving plans on hold during the winter, then resume their search for a new home after Christmas. Traditionally, people would wait “until the daffodils come up”. But getting your property on the market slightly before the busiest period will put you ahead of the competition.

As it can take over four months for a sale to go through, if you’re looking to move in spring, you should aim to have your house on the market, as early as possible in the New Year. The best time to sell is when most people are actively looking to buy, and data from Rightmove shows traffic to their website booms from Boxing Day onwards, and remains high into the first two weeks of January.

First-time buyers and young couples in particular are likely to be looking to move during this winter period – “often prompted by one last Christmas at home being one too many”, according to independent property advice website The Advisory.

To get you into a position where you can move by spring, the first step is obtaining an up-to-date valuation of your property. We’re here to support you at every step of the selling journey, but let’s start at the beginning and get your valuation booked in.


We know many of you have property questions you’d like answered – and we’re encouraging you to “Ask away…” 

Whether you’re looking to relocate, release capital, downsize, or find your next dream home, we want you to ask us any and all of your property questions. Whatever you’d like to know – perhaps it’s one quick query, perhaps you have a list of questions – get in touch with us. Call, email, or message us on our social media channels and we’ll provide advice, reassurance, and expert guidance.

P.S. We can answer questions such as:

  • Ask us how long it takes to sell a property
  • Ask us what is the maximum price you could sell for
  • Ask us what should be included in a property sale
  • Ask us for costings to see if you can afford to relocate right now


All done in 3 easy steps:

1. Call our team in December: we’ll meet to discuss marketing and pricing, and get you ready to launch

2. You relax and enjoy the festivities: we set your property listing ‘go live’ date ahead of marketing launches and viewings taking place

3. Final offers received: you accept an offer and your property is sold!


Here’s how to get started:

Any property questions you have – simply ask away!

Let’s discuss your options to get you moving in the right direction for 2023.

Find your local office via our homepage or request a free valuation today.