Price stability helps to make the housing market safe as houses | David Alexander

20th Jan 2023
David J Alexander

In his latest article for The Scotsman, David Alexander reflects on the current state of the housing market, which, despite there being major panic following September’s mini-budget, the market does now appear to be looking more hopeful.

“The herd-like instincts of the financial markets which resulted in those panicky increases four months ago has been replaced by a calmer, more reassured approach as they realise the sky will not fall in, the world is not going to end, and they can offer cheaper mortgages without going bust.”

David continues: “The market needs a period of calm, of static or even small price rises to counterbalance the somewhat excessive rises of recent years. Mood is everything in the housing market and the gloom and doom of the Autumn has been replaced by the sunny optimism of the New Year.”


Read his full article here.