The benefits of investing in your rental property

23rd Feb 2023
David J Alexander
The benefits of investing in your rental property  - D. J. Alexander

When the landlord inherited a 4-bed bungalow in Edinburgh’s West End, they knew the property required significant upgrading to get it market ready for rental.

Living 400 miles away meant that they could not project manage the day-to-day work, so they instructed DJ Alexander to manage this on their behalf, with David Brash from the New Business Team, as their key point of contact throughout. DJ Alexander instructed long-time partners Newtown Refurbishments to complete the works, coordinating all necessary trades which proved to be invaluable as the owner was unable to be on site. Following months of significant renovation, the property was market ready to welcome its first tenants!

Before works took place

The owner appreciated that the property was a unique example of a 1930s single storey dwelling with a beautiful surrounding garden and double garage within a few yards of the beautiful modern art galleries and school buildings. Though they could not keep it to live in themselves, they were enthusiastic about the potential to completely refurbish it; something that had not been done since the 1970s.

The end result

The works undertaken included full rewiring, renewed plumbing and gas central heating, a new bathroom, en suite, Howden kitchen fittings, and installation of a car charging point, as well as demolishing a greenhouse and landscaping the garden. There was also decorating throughout and the fitting of hard flooring and carpets, and finally new glass doors installed in the kitchen, completing the work.