We need to level up UK’s stamp duty schemes - David Alexander

28th Oct 2022
David J Alexander

In this week’s article for The Scotsman, David Alexander calls for a levelling up of the current stamp duty schemes within the UK following the Government’s most recently published LBTT statistics.

Reflecting on some of the key stats, David explained: “All of this may sound reasonable to some people who will think if you can afford to buy a house worth more than £325,001 you can afford to pay more tax. But realistically homes costing £325,001 are not that unusual in many parts of Scotland and many of the buyers are not rich but are workers who are doing essential jobs.”

As a result, David voices concern that if individuals believe moving to Scotland will prove to be too costly, the country could then face a significant shortage of key workers in the forthcoming years.

Read what he has to say in the full article here.