Looking to rent a property? We’re here to help

Renting a property is an excellent option for most lifestyles as it doesn’t have the commitment of a mortgage. Whether you’re testing out a new area before you buy, on secondment, or just better suited to renting, we can help you find your dream property. Our guide to renting a property in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, St Andrews, and the surrounding areas can help you get your move on. 

Tenants' guide to renting

When you know the location and type of property you’d like to rent, registering with an agent is a good idea. The rental market is highly competitive and fast-paced but registering helps you access properties before they’re even advertised. 

View properties, make an offer

When you’ve found a property that interests you, you’ll contact your agent, who can book a viewing and show you around the home. If it’s suitable and you like what you see, you can make an offer, which the agent will take to the landlord. Once the offer is accepted, the agent will collect references, arrange a tenancy agreement, collect your deposit, and check your ID – this is part of the legal process to rent property in Scotland. Once everything is processed, you will have a date to move in. 

Maintaining your rental property

If your rental is fully managed, you can contact your dedicated property manager to share any concerns or maintenance issues. With a fully managed property, you are assured that the rental complies with safety regulations. If your landlord manages the property themselves, you must contact them directly for help dealing with maintenance issues. 

Further renting advice

If you need more advice on renting a property in St Andrews, Fife, Glasgow, Edinburgh, or the local areas, get in touch. Our agents are experts and can help you to find a suitable home.