Growing consequences for taxing of the wealthy | David Alexander

16th Dec 2022
David J Alexander

In his latest article for The Scotsman, David Alexander considers the potential impact of the latest budget announcement from interim Finance Minister, John Swinney, on Scottish taxpayers.

David comments, “Scotland’s tax take has become increasingly different from the rest of the UK and there are clear signs of a growing disparity between the way Scots are taxed compared to their English counterparts.”

“Are you wealthy if you can buy a property worth more than £325,001? Are you wealthy if you earn more than £860 per week? Are you wealthy if you are a first-time home buyer? The assumption in Scotland is that you are because in all three cases you will be paying more taxes than your English counterparts. Yet these taxes impact upon ordinary Scots. The nurses, the teachers, the office workers who are simply trying to live and work in Scotland but are being charged increasingly more for the privilege of doing so.”

You can read his article in full here.