Landlords shouldn't fear tenants owning pets | David Alexander

23rd Dec 2022
David J Alexander

In his latest article for The Scotsman, David Alexander covers the important topic of pet ownership amongst tenants in the private rented sector.

Despite the increase in pet ownership over the last few years, many landlords are still opposed to animals being aloud in their rental properties. However, David advises “I believe that most landlords should agree to their tenants having pets because it is the right and proper thing to do. All of us involved in the sector need to remember that we are renting someone a home not simply a property and for many people a major component of having their own home means having a pet.”

“Ensuring tenants feel in control of their lives, of their homes, and are able to live the way they want is an essential part of keeping them happy and building a strong personal relationship with them. Those landlords who create homes rather than simply letting units will have happier tenants which results in a much easier life for all concerned.”

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