What do we want? 700,000 new social housing properties | David Alexander

27th Jan 2023
David J Alexander
David Alexander in The Scotsman - D. J. Alexander

In his latest article for the Scotsman, David Alexander discusses the impact of Patrick Harvie’s recent statement that the Scottish Government was reversing its ban on rent rises from 1 April.

David highlights “…despite the problems it caused the rent freeze has highlighted some of the major issues which currently face the housing sector in Scotland. Last week a report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation recommended the building of 700,000 new social housing properties immediately across the UK to rebalance the market back to where it was in 1979. The Scottish proportion of that would be 63,000 homes.”

“What Scotland needs is sustained, planned investment in all parts of the housing sector over a period that transcends the five year electoral timescale, and which aims to resolve most of the housing shortages over the next decade.”


Read what David has to say in full, here.